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Allen Bradley

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Allen Bradley is a brand under Rockwell Automation and one of the world’s leading providers of industrial automation solutions.

Controllers: Allen Bradley provides various types of controllers, including Allen Bradley PLC, Allen Bradley PAC and Allen Bradley PC based controllers.

Human Machine Interface (HMI): Allen Bradley’s HMI products provide an intuitive human-machine interaction interface for operating and monitoring industrial systems. These HMI products include touch screens, operation panels, and industrial computers.

Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley Masterdrive & Kinetix, Servo Motors - Jianxindi Allen-Bradley Masterdrive & Kinetix, Servo Motors - Jianxindi
Allen Bradley Products

Drive and Motor: Allen Bradley’s drive and motor products are used to achieve control and drive of electric motors. Its products include frequency converters, servo drives, motor protectors, etc.

Communication and Network Equipment: Allen Bradley provides equipment and solutions for industrial communication and networks. These devices include Ethernet switches, communication modules, remote I/O systems, etc., used to connect and transmit data to industrial equipment.

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