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20AC037A3AYNACCN 400V AC drive unit with.25 horsepower | Allen Bradley

Type number: 20AC037A3AYNACCN, Manufacturer: Allen Bradley, Catagory: PowerFlex 700 VFD(Variable Frequency Drive), Inverter, AC Drive


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Product Description
Module No. 20AC037A3AYNACCN
Product Description 400V AC drive unit with.25 horsepower
Product Name 20AC037A3AYNACCN 400V AC drive unit with.25 horsepower | Allen Bradley
Country of origin United States
Condition New
AC Drvie recommendation 20AC037A3AYNACNN 400V AC drive unit with.25 horsepower
Warranty 1-2 year
Shipping Method Ship worldwide by DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT, usually 5-7 days.
Feature Power Ratings
200…240V: 0.37…18.5 kW / 0.5…25 Hp / 2.2…70 A
380…480V: 0.37…37 kW / 0.5…50 Hp / 1.1…72 A
Defination PowerFlex 70 AC Drives are compact packages of power, control, and operator interface designed to meet demands for space, simplicity, and reliability.These drives provide a broad spectrum of features that help you to easily integrate them into your architecture and configure them for most application needs.
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20AC037A3AYNACCN 400V AC drive unit with.25 horsepower | Allen Bradley

The PowerFlex 70 AC drives are built to provide high-performance out-of-the-box speed, torque, and position control for 3-phase induction motors globally. They are optimized for applications requiring open/closed-loop speed regulation and precise torque and speed regulation. The available drive ratings are 0.37 to 18.5 kilowatts, 2.2 to 70 Amps at 200 to 240 Volts AC, 0.37 to 37 kilowatts, 1.1 to 72 Amps at 400 to 480 Volts AC, and 0.7 to 37 kilowatts, 0.9 to 52 Amps at 500 to 600 Volts AC. All drives with Frames A to E are only available in 3-phase ratings but they support single-phase operation with derating. The smart motor control options of the PowerFlex 70 AC drives include sensorless vector control to provide best-in-class torque by adapting to the characteristics of each motor, the Volts per Hertz operation for hassle-free fan and pump operation, and Vector control with FORCE Technology to deliver outstanding torque control whether or not an encoder is installed.

The user interface options available for the PowerFlex 70 drives include full-feature, local, or remote-mounted PowerFlex human-machine interfaces for the drive operation, metering, and configuration processes. Advanced drive programming can be done in the Connected Components Workbench or the Studio 5000 software environments. The PowerFlex 70 AC drives offer maximum acceleration and deceleration without tripping. Their built-in Droop control supports load-sharing applications and they feature internal dynamic brake transistors and resistors that are able to provide short-term braking torque. The drives are available with different communication options, including the EtherNet/IP network. All drives in the PowerFlex 70 family feature removable MOVs to operate seamlessly in grounded and ungrounded distribution systems.

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