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ABB Bailey IPSYS01 System Power Module with Copetitive Price

Part number IPSYS01 from original manufacturer, System Power Module
Product Category: ABB Bailey, ABB Bailey Infi 90

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Product Description
Manufacturer ABB
Product No. IPSYS01
Country of Origin United States
Product Type System Power Module
Harmony Rack I/O
Power input
102 to 264 VAC
102 to 144 VDC
Full Load Input Current (A)
120 VAC 4.3
240 VAC 2
125 VDC 4.3
Load sharing Current shared equally between modules within 5% (highest current load to lowest current load) at full load
Line regulation ±0.5% of the nominal output voltage over the input voltage range
Load regulation Within specified minimum and maximum outputs from 0% to 100% load
Hold up time 20 msecs following loss of power
Heat dissipation 175 W
Dimensions ( D x W x H ) 44.45 cm x 4.83 cm x 21.84 cm
Weight 2.55 Kg
Shipping Weight 4 Kg
Product Catalogue

ABB Bailey IPSYS01 System Power Module with Copetitive Price

Place of Origin United States
Brand Name ABB
Model Number IPSYS01
Condition New
Warranty 1-2 Years
Function Automation Control
Payment term  TT \PAYPAL\ Western Union
Shipping Term DHL Fedex TNT EMS UPS
Service Technical Support: YES
Application IPSYS01 is used in various equipment and machines on automated production lines
Package Carton Box
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