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ABB Robot CC Link Module 3HNA010598-001

ABB DSQC378B 3HNA010598-001 Cclink board is a critical communication component used to achieve high-speed and reliable data transmission and communication between ABB robot systems and other devices. It has flexible configuration and expansion options, which can be customized and integrated according to specific application requirements.

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ABB DSQC378B 3HNA010598-001 is a Cclink board used in ABB robot systems. It is an important component used to achieve communication and data transmission between robot systems and other devices.


The DSQC378B Clink board has high-speed and reliable communication performance, and can support multiple communication protocols and data transmission methods. It can be connected to other Clink devices, PLCs, controllers, etc. to achieve efficient data transmission and real-time control.


This Cclink board has multiple input/output interfaces and can be connected to different types of sensors, actuators, and external devices. It supports various interface types such as digital input/output, analog input/output, and dedicated input/output, providing flexible configuration and expansion options.


The DSQC378B Cclink board also has high programmability and flexibility, allowing for configuration and customization according to specific application requirements. It supports multiple communication protocols, such as CC Link, Ethernet/IP, etc., and can be integrated with devices of different brands and models.


The Cclink board is made of high-quality materials, which have good durability and stability, and can operate reliably in harsh working environments.

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ABB Robot CC Link Module 3HNA010598-001

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