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ABB Robot DSQC400E 3HAC058424-001 Safety Board

Model No.: 3HAC058424001 DSQC400E Product Description : ABB Robotics Safety Board Condition & warranty : New with 1 year warranty

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The ABB robot DSQC400E 3HAC058424-001 safety panel is an important component used in ABB robot systems. It is mainly used to ensure the safety and reliability of robot systems. This safety panel is responsible for monitoring and controlling the movement, speed, and position of the robot, and triggering emergency stops and other safety measures when needed to prevent accidents from occurring.


The DSQC400E security panel has high programmability and flexibility, and can be configured and adjusted according to specific application requirements. It is connected to the ABB robot controller and achieves comprehensive safety protection through communication with other systems and devices.


This safety panel has multiple safety functions, such as preventing accidental start-up, safety restricted areas, speed monitoring, safety inputs/outputs, etc. It also supports integration with external safety devices, such as safety photoelectric sensors, safety door switches, emergency stop buttons, etc.


The DSQC400E safety panel is made of high-quality materials, which have good durability and stability, and can operate reliably in harsh working environments.

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ABB Robot DSQC400E 3HAC058424-001 Safety Board

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