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C98043-A1261-L2-05 Drive Board Drives | SIEMENS

Module No.: C98043-A1261-L2-05, Part number: C98043A1261L205, Manufacturer: Siemens, Catagory: Drive SIMOREG, Drive Board, Drive Automation, Motor Driver Boards

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Product Description
Module No. C98043-A1261-L2-05
Product name C98043-A1261-L2-05 Drive Board Drives | SIEMENS
Siemens recommended products C98043-A7002-L Drive Board Drives | SIEMENS
Part number C98043A1261L205
Manufacturer Siemens
Place of Origin Germany
Condition Brand new
Delivery time one week
Warranty 1-2 Years
Application Controller building, Textile machines, Packaging machines, Installation systems, Electrical/electronics industry and the skilled trades, Assembly machines, alleting machines, General mechanical engineering
Payment method TT, paypal, Western Union
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C98043-A1261-L2-05 Drive Board Drives | SIEMENS



  • It is commonly used in various industrial automation applications, such as conveyor systems, packaging machinery, and machine tools.


  • Itcan be employed in robotic systems to control the speed and movement of DC motors, enabling precise and controlled robotic actions.


  • This component is utilized in energy management systems to regulate the speed and power consumption of DC motors, optimizing energy efficiency.


It finds applications in the automotive industry, assisting in the control of DC motors used in electric vehicles, power windows, and other automotive systems.

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