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C98043-A7007-L4 Drive Board Drives | SIEMENS

Module No.: C98043-A7007-L4, Part number: C98043A7007L4, Manufacturer: Siemens, Catagory: Drive SIMOREG, Drive Board, Drive Automation, Motor Driver Boards

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Product Description
Module No. C98043-A7007-L4
Product name C98043-A7007-L4 Drive Board Drives | SIEMENS
Siemens recommended products C98043-A1604-L1-05 Drive Board Drives | SIEMENS
Part number C98043A7007L4
Manufacturer Siemens
Place of Origin Germany
Condition Brand new
Delivery time one week
Warranty 1-2 Years
Application Controller building, Textile machines, Packaging machines, Installation systems, Electrical/electronics industry and the skilled trades, Assembly machines, alleting machines, General mechanical engineering
Payment method TT, paypal, Western Union
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C98043-A7007-L4 Drive Board Drives | SIEMENS

It is a component of Siemens’ DC drive controller. Here are the features and applications of this particular component:




High-quality construction: it is built with durable materials, ensuring its reliability and longevity.


Precise speed control: It enables precise control of the speed of a DC motor, allowing for accurate and efficient operation.


Versatile compatibility: This component is designed to be compatible with Siemens’ DC drive controllers, ensuring seamless integration and ease of use.


Compact design: it is compact in size, making it suitable for installations with limited space.


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