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DSBC111, 57310256-K; DSBC 111; automated digital control module | ABB

Module No.: DSBC111, from manufacturer ABB, Part number: 57310256-K, Product categories: ABB industrial automation, PLC, DCS, control system, data transmission


Products Categories
Product Description
Product ID DSBC111
Type number 57310256-K
Part number DSBC 111
Product description DSBC111, 57310256-K; DSBC 111; automated digital control module | ABB
ABB product recommendation YXU149, YT296000-RX; YXU 149; automated digital control module | ABB
Manufacturer ABB
Warranty 1-2 years
Country of origin Sweden/United States
ConditIon new in original box
Voltage VDC/VAC 110 V  DC AC 12V
HS code 9032900090
After-sale service We provide technical support and on-site installation guidance.
Payment method T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Inquiry If you need a specific firmware or series relating to DSBC111, please call or email us, we probably have it in stock.
Product Catalogue

DSBC111, 57310256-K; DSBC 111; automated digital control module | ABB

ABB DSBC111 57310256-K/1,EL6113 DSBC 111 Bus Module
ABB DSBC170 57310256-DB Bus Module
ABB DSCA114 57510001-AA DSCA 114 Communication Board
ABB DSCA124 57520001-BU Communications Module
ABB DSCA125 57520001-CY Communications Board
ABB DSCA130 57510001-AT DSCA 130 MB200 Communication Board
ABB DSCA170 57310256-DB/4 Communications Board
ABB DSCA180A 57520001-GY Communications Module
ABB DSCA180B 57520001-G2 Communications Module
ABB DSCA190V 57310001-PK DSCA 190V Communications Module
ABB DSCA310 57520001-AH/1 Communications Board
ABB DSCA325 57520001 Communications Board
ABB DSCI112 new module Communication Module for Master 215
ABB DSCL110 57310001-HD DSCL 110 Redundancy Control Unit
ABB DSCL110A 57310001-KY DSCL 110A Redundancy Control Unit
ABB DSCS115 57520001-AD/4 Communications Board
ABB DSCS116 57520001-BZ Communication Module
ABB DSCS117 57520001-CN/9 Communications Board
ABB DSCS131 57310001-LM Communications Module
ABB DSCS150 DSCS141 DSCS 150 Communication Module
ABB DSDI110 57160001-A/13,57160001-A Digital Input Module
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