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DSMB114, 57360001-MG; DSMB 114; automated digital control module | ABB

Module No.: DSMB114, from manufacturer ABB, Part number: 57360001-MG, Product categories: ABB industrial automation, PLC, DCS, control system, data transmission


Products Categories
Product Description
Product ID DSMB114
Type number 57360001-MG
Part number DSMB 114
Product description DSMB114, 57360001-MG; DSMB 114; automated digital control module | ABB
ABB product recommendation YXO126, 4890024-UN; YXO 126; automated digital control module | ABB
Manufacturer ABB
Warranty 1-2 years
Country of origin Sweden/United States
ConditIon new in original box
Voltage VDC/VAC 110 V  DC AC 12V
HS code 9032900090
After-sale service We provide technical support and on-site installation guidance.
Payment method T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Inquiry If you need a specific firmware or series relating to DSMB114, please call or email us, we probably have it in stock.
Product Catalogue

DSMB114, 57360001-MG; DSMB 114; automated digital control module | ABB

DP820 ABB DP820 3BSE013228R1 Pulse Counter 3BSE013228R1
DP820-eA ABB DP820-eA 3BSE013228R2 Pulse Counter RS-422 3BSE013228R2
DP840 ABB DP840 3BSE028926R1 Pulse Counter or Frequency Measurement Module 3BSE028926R1
DP840-eA ABB DP840-eA 3BSE028926R2 Pulse Counter or Frequency Measurement Module 3BSE028926R2
DSAI133N ABB DSAI133N 3BSE018526R1 Analog Input Module 3BSE018526R1
DSAI130A ABB DSAI130A 3BSE018292R1 Analog Input Module 3BSE018292R1
DSAI130D ABB DSAI130D 3BSE003127R1 Analog Input Board 3BSE003127R1
DSAI133A ABB DSAI133A 3BSE018290R1 Analog Input Module 3BSE018290R1
DSAI146 ABB DSAI146 3BSE007949R1 RTD Input Module 3BSE007949R1
DSAI155A ABB DSAI155A 3BSE014162R1 Thermocouple Module 3BSE014162R1
DSAO120A ABB DSAO120A 3BSE018293R1 Analog Output Board 3BSE018293R1
DSAX110A ABB DSAX110A 3BSE018291R1 Analog Input/Output Module 3BSE018291R1
DSBC173A ABB DSBC173A 3BSE005883R1 Bus Extender S100 I/O Bus 3BSE005883R1
DSBC174 ABB DSBC174 3BSE012211R1 Bus Extender Module – S100 I/O Bus 3BSE012211R1
DSBC176 ABB DSBC176 3BSE019216R1 Bus Extender Board 3BSE019216R1
DSDI110N ABB DSDI110N 3BSE018525R1 Digital Input Module 3BSE018525R1
DSDI110AV1 ABB DSDI110AV1 3BSE018295R1 Digital Input Module 3BSE018295R1
DSDI120AV1 ABB DSDI120AV1 3BSE018296R1 Digital Input Module 3BSE018296R1
DSDO115A ABB DSDO115A 3BSE018298R1 Digital Output Module 3BSE018298R1
DSDX180 ABB DSDX180 3BSE003859R1 Digital Input/Output Module 3BSE003859R1
DSDX180A ABB DSDX180A 3BSE018297R1 Digital Input/Output Module 3BSE018297R1
DSMD125 ABB DSMD125 3BSE004761R1 Winchester Disc Drive 3BSE004761R1
DSPU131 ABB DSPU131 3BSE000355R1 Module for Engineering Station 3BSE000355R1
DSRF182K13 ABB DSRF182K13 3BSE003571R1 Equipment Frame Rack without Power Supply 3BSE003571R1
DSRF185 ABB DSRF185 3BSE004382R1 AC410 Cardfile 3BSE004382R1
DSRF186 ABB DSRF186 3BSE004383R1 AC410 Cardfile 3BSE004383R1
DSRF187 ABB DSRF187 3BSE004985R1 S100 I/O Cardfile 3BSE004985R1
DSRF187A ABB DSRF187A 3BSE014452R1 S100 I/O Cardfile 3BSE014452R1
DSRF197 ABB DSRF197 3BSE019297R1 I/O Card Rack 3BSE019297R1
DSRF198 ABB DSRF198 3BSE019298R1 I/O Card Rack 3BSE019298R1
DSRF199 ABB DSRF199 3BSE019299R1 I/O Subrack 3BSE019299R1
DSSS171 ABB DSSS171 3BSE005003R1 Voting Unit 3BSE005003R1
DSTA001B ABB DSTA001B 3BSE018316R1 Connection Unit for Analog Board 3BSE018316R1
DSTA002B ABB DSTA002B 3BSE018317R1 Connection Unit for Analog Input Board DSAI 133A 3BSE018317R1
DSTA171 ABB DSTA171 3BSE018311R1 Connection Unit Module 3BSE018311R1
DSTAN040 ABB DSTAN040 3BSE018436R1 Analog input Connection Unit 3BSE018436R1
DSTAN180 ABB DSTAN180 3BSE00542R1 Connection Unit 3BSE00542R1
DSTA002A ABB DSTA002A 3BSE015196R1 Connection Unit 3BSE015196R1
DSTA002P ABB DSTA002P 3BSE018331R1 Connection Unit for Analog Input 3BSE018331R1
DSTD108P ABB DSTD108P 3BSE018333R1 Connection Unit Module 3BSE018333R1
DSTDN020 ABB DSTDN020 3BSE003238R1 I/O Connection Unit 3BSE003238R1
DSTDN031 ABB DSTDN031 3BSE013335R1 Connection Unit 3BSE013335R1
DSTD180 ABB DSTD180 3BSE018333R1 Connection Unit 3BSE018333R1
DSTD190 ABB DSTD190 3BSE004723R1 Connection Unit 3BSE004723R1
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