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DSQC354, 3HNE00065-1; DSQC 354; automated digital control module | ABB

Module No.: DSQC354, from manufacturer ABB, Part number: 3HNE00065-1, Product categories: ABB industrial automation, PLC, DCS, control system, data transmission


Products Categories
Product Description
Product ID DSQC354
Type number 3HNE00065-1
Part number DSQC 354
Product description DSQC354, 3HNE00065-1; DSQC 354; automated digital control module | ABB
ABB product recommendation DSQC608, 3HAC12934-1; DSQC 608; automated digital control module | ABB
Manufacturer ABB
Warranty 1-2 years
Country of origin Sweden/United States
ConditIon new in original box
Voltage VDC/VAC 110 V  DC AC 12V
HS code 9032900090
After-sale service We provide technical support and on-site installation guidance.
Payment method T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Inquiry If you need a specific firmware or series relating to DSQC354, please call or email us, we probably have it in stock.
Product Catalogue

DSQC354, 3HNE00065-1; DSQC 354; automated digital control module | ABB

3BSE3400-1PD LED-Lampholder UC BLUE
3BSE3400-1PD – EACH LED-Lampholder UC BLUE
3BSE020512R1 AI801 Analog Input Module
3BSE020512R2 AI801-eA Analog Input Module
3BSE008516R1 AI810 Analog Input Module
3BSE008516R2 AI810-eA Analog Input Module
3BSE052604R1 AI815 Analog Input Unit – HART
3BSE052604R2 AI815-eA Analog Input Module
3BSE008544R1 AI820 Analog Input Module
3BSE008544R2 AI820-eA Analog Input Module
3BSE036456R1 AI825 Analog Input Module
3BSE036456R2 AI825-eA Analog Input Module
3BSE008518R1 AI830 Analog Input – RTD
3BSE040662R1 AI830A Analog Input Module – RTD
3BSE040662R2 AI830A-eA Analog Input Module
3BSE008520R1 AI835 Analog Input Module – TC/MV
3BSE051306R1 AI835A Analog Input Module – TC/MV
3BSE051306R2 AI835A-eA Analog Input Module
3BSE028925R1 AI843 Analog Input
3BSE028925R2 AI843-eA Analog Input Module
3BSE023675R1 AI845 Analog Input. Redundant Module
3BSE023675R2 AI845-eA Analog Input Module
3BSE039293R1 AI880A High Integrity Analog Input
3BHT300008R1 3BSE018184R1 AO610 Analog Output Module
3BSE020514R1 AO801 Analog Output Module
3BSE020514R2 AO801-eA Analog Output Module
3BSE008522R1 AO810 Analog Output Module
3BSE038415R1 AO810V2 Analog Output Module
3BSE038415R2 AO810V2-eA Analog Output Module
3BSE052605R1 AO815 Analog Output Module – HART
3BSE052605R2 AO815-eA Analog Output Module
3BSE008546R1 AO820 Analog Output
3BSE008546R2 AO820-eA Analog Output Module
3BSE023676R1 AO845 Redundant Analog Output Module
3BSE045584R1 AO845A Redundant Analog Output Module
3BSE045584R2 AO845A-eA Analog Output Module
3BSE000566R1 AX670 Analog Mixed Module
3BSE030230R1 BC810 Interconnection Unit
3BSE031154R1 BC810 Interconnection Unit Kit
3BSE031155R1 BC810K02 CEX-Bus Unit
3BSE067082R1 BP914S Safe PROFIBUS-DP Connector
3BSE012869R1 CI520V1 Interface Module
3BSE012790R1 CI522 Interface
3BSE018283R1 CI522A Advant AF100 Interface
3BSE018451R1 Advant AF100 Interface
3BSE018453R1 CI522AK06 AF 100 Interface for Bus Redundancy Kit
3BSE006085R1 CI526 Interface Module
3BSE012870R1 CI526 Interface Module
3BSE019327R1 CI527 PCI to AF100 Coupler Module
3BSE035684R1 CI527A PCI to AF100 Coupler
3BSE003825R1 CI531 RS-232 Interface Submodule
3BSE003826R1 CI532V01 RCOM Interface Submodule
3BSE003827R1 CI532V02 MODBUS Interface
3BSE003828R1 CI532V03 Communication Interface Module
3BSE003829R1 CI532V04 Interface
3BSE007297R1 CI532V05 Generic MVI Module
3BSE010700R1 CI534V02 MODBUS Interface Submodule
3BSE010702R1 CI534V04 Interface Sub Module
3BSE003830R1 CI535 Free- Programmable MVI Sub Module
3BSE001077R1 CI540 S100 I/O Bus Extension
3BSE014665R1 CI541 Profibus Interface Sub Module
3BSE014666R1 CI541V1 Profibus Interface Sub Module
3BSE011063R1 CI545 Ethernet MVI Module
3BSE011063R1 CI545V01 Ethernet MVI Module
3BSE001440R1 CI570 MasterFieldbus Controller
3BSE017712R1 CI572 LonWorks Communications Module
3BSE000756R1 CI615K01 Bus Extension Kit
3BSE012868R1 CI626V1 Communication Interface Module
3BSE009799R1 CI627 Communication Interface Module
3BSE011000R1 CI630 AF100 Communication Interface Module
3BSE011002R1 CI630 AF100 Interface Kit
3BSE022366R1 CI801 Communication Interface Module
3BSE025097R1 CI801-2 Communication Module
3BSE022366R2 CI801-eA Communication Interface
3BSE013262R1 CI810A AF100 Field Communcation Interface
3BSE020520R1 CI810B AF100 Field Communication Interface
3BSE008584R1 CI810V1 AF100 Field Communcation Interface
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