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Type number: 20AB015A0AYNACC0, Manufacturer: Allen Bradley, Catagory: PowerFlex 700 VFD(Variable Frequency Drive), Inverter, AC Drive


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Product Description
Module No. 20AB015A0AYNACC0
Product Description 400V AC drive unit with.0.5 horsepower
Product Name 20AB015A0AYNACC0 400V AC drive unit with.0.5 horsepower | Allen Bradley
Country of origin United States
Condition New
AC Drvie recommendation 20AB015A0AYNADC0 400V AC drive unit with.0.5 horsepower
Warranty 1-2 year
Shipping Method Ship worldwide by DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT, usually 5-7 days.
Feature Power Ratings
200…240V: 0.37…18.5 kW / 0.5…25 Hp / 2.2…70 A
380…480V: 0.37…37 kW / 0.5…50 Hp / 1.1…72 A
Defination PowerFlex 70 AC Drives are compact packages of power, control, and operator interface designed to meet demands for space, simplicity, and reliability.These drives provide a broad spectrum of features that help you to easily integrate them into your architecture and configure them for most application needs.
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