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YXO124, 4890024-LF; YXO 124; Expansion Unit-Digital Input module | ABB

Module No.: YXO124, from manufacturer ABB, Part number: 4890024-LF, Product categories: ABB industrial automation, PLC, DCS, control system, data transmission


Products Categories
Product Description
Product ID YXO124
Type number 4890024-LF
Part number YXO 124
Product description YXO124, 4890024-LF; YXO 124; Expansion Unit-Digital Input module | ABB
ABB product recommendation YXO116, 4890024-LC; YXO 116; Expansion Unit-Digital Input module | ABB
Manufacturer ABB
Warranty 1-2 years
Country of origin Sweden/United States
ConditIon new in original box
Voltage VDC/VAC 110 V  DC AC 12V
HS code 9032900090
After-sale service We provide technical support and on-site installation guidance.
Payment method T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Inquiry If you need a specific firmware or series relating to YXO124, please call or email us, we probably have it in stock.
Product Catalogue

YXO124, 4890024-LF; YXO 124; Expansion Unit-Digital Input module | ABB

Digital Input: The YXU144 can receive digital input signals from external devices and transmit them to the control system. These inputs can be used to monitor and control the status of external devices, such as sensor signals or switch states.


Digital Output: The YXO124, 4890024-LF can also transmit digital output signals from the control system to external devices. These output signals can be used to control the operation of external devices, such as opening or closing relays or performing other actions.


Expandability: The YXO124, 4890024-LF is an expandable module that allows for the connection of multiple modules to expand the number of digital input/output channels to meet specific application requirements.


Programmability: The YXO124, 4890024-LF can be programmed and configured through ABB’s control system to meet different application needs. It can integrate with other ABB devices and systems to achieve automation control and monitoring functions.

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