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3BSE013232R1 TU812V1 Compact Module | ABB

Module No.: 3BSE013232R1, Manufacturer: ABB, Part number: TU812V1, Type(s): ABB automation, ABB PLC, DCS, modules


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Product Description
Module No. 3BSE013232R1
Product name 3BSE013232R1 TU812V1 Compact Module | ABB
ABB recommendation products TB820V2 3BSE013208R1 Modulebus Cluster Modem | ABB
Manufacturer ABB
Warranty 1-2 years
Delivery method We ship worldwide by DHL, FedEX, TNT, UPS within 5-7 days.
Country of origin Sweden
Conditon New
HS code 8473309000
Dimension (approx) 22.7*21.6*23.85 cm
Weight (approx) 0.829 kg
Technical support We provide technical support and on-site installation guidance for TU812V1, and site service for if necessory.
Function 3BSE013232R1;data input and output of industrial automation control systems.
Payment method T/T, Paypal, Western Union
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3BSE013232R1 TU812V1 Compact Module | ABB

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