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MPL-B680H-MJ74AA PERMANENT MAGNET ROTARY MOTOR, AC servo motor | Allen Bradley

Type number: MPL-B680H-MJ74AA, Part No.: MPLB680HMJ74AA, from manufacturer: Allen Bradley, Catagory: MPL Low Inertia Drives & Motors, Servo Motor, Rotary, Low Inertia

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Product Description
Module No. MPL-B680H-MJ74AA
Product name Servo Motor, Rotary, Low Inertia, IEC, 240V AC, 1024 Sin/Cos, 4000 rpm Maximum, 8.25 N-M, 1/4 Turn Right Angle Rotatable DIN Connector, Hiperface Multi-Turn
Product description MPL-B680H-MJ74AA PERMANENT MAGNET ROTARY MOTOR, AC servo motor | Allen Bradley
Part number MPLB680HMJ74AA
Allen Bradley recommendation product MPL-B680H-SJ74AA PERMANENT MAGNET ROTARY MOTOR, MPL SERVO MOTOR | Allen Bradley
Voltage 230 VAC, 240 VAC, 480 VAC
Manufacturer Allen Bradley
Country of origin United States
Warranty 1-2 year
Shipping Method 1.Ship worldwide, usually 5-7 days.
2. We use DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT
Remark If you need a specific firmware or series relating to MPL-B680H-MJ74AA, please call or email us, we probably have it in our large inventory.
Product Catalogue

MPL-B680H-MJ74AA PERMANENT MAGNET ROTARY MOTOR, AC servo motor | Allen Bradley

Motor Blower Options(1)


Motor Cat. No. Axial 1-PH

(Blower Cat. No. A)

Axial 3-PH

(Blower Cat. No. B)

Radial 3-PH

(Blower Cat. No. C)

MMA-B080xxx 220…230VAC; 50/60 Hz  
MMA-B100xxx 200…240VAC; 50/60 Hz  

380…420VAC; 50/60 Hz

MMA-B160xxx 200…277VAC; 50/60 Hz  

380…480VAC; 50/60 HZ


(1)     Without a blower, the IC17 clean-air option does not carry a cURus certification from the factory.

A motor can also be ordered without a blower, and is prepared with an adapter shroud that receives clean-air from an external source. This option is called IC17. See the Motor Catalog Number Explanation for more information.


Bearing Options


There are multiple bearing options available for selection with your Kinetix MMA main motor:

  •      Deep grooveballbearing
  •      Roller bearing
  • High-speed bearing

Select one of these bearings based on your application requirements, including the DE or NDE location on the motor. Deep groove ball bearings are

An example is a belt and pulley transmission that is attached to the shaft. High-speed bearings are preferred if your application spends most of its

duty-cycle above the motor rated speed.

There are additional features for some of the three types of bearings.

  •      Regreasable bearings exist with a fitting that allows periodicmaintenanceby adding additional grease. (SeeKinetix MMA Asynchronous Main

Motors Installation Instructions, publication MM-IN001, for types of grease used.)

  •     Abrush canbe specified if your application is considered to generate shaft currents that discharge through the motor shaft, causing potential damage. These brushes are installed on the NDE side.


If damaging shaft currents are a concern, an Aegis Ring can also be chosen in the Special Options section of the motor

catalog. This shaft grounding device has the same function as the brush, but can offer better results in two ways. First, the Aegis ring can offer better protection if the shaft currents are considered high-frequency. Second, the Aegis Ring has a

longer life than the brush, similar to that of the bearings themselves. The Aegis ring lasts longer, and for more lifetime rpm, than the brush.


  •     An insulatedbearingis one with an external or internal ring that is electrically insulated with aluminum oxide. A hybrid ceramic bearing is one with a ceramic ball, which is better than the insulated bearing because it can be used at high speed.

The combinations of these features have some dependencies that are based on motor frame size and configuration. See Motor Catalog Number Explanation on page 178.


Flange Options


Additionally, ‘extra precise’ and ‘vertical (shaft-up)’ options exist for even greater mounting flexibility. AKinetix MMA motor with ‘extra precise flange’

option is the same as a standard flange, but with tighter tolerance for run-out and planarity of the key surface features. Some flanges (shaft height

dependent) can be prepared for ‘vertical (shaft-up)’ mounting. There is no change to the actual flange surface, but rather a spring-loaded feature

has been added to the bearings for greater support of the load while the motor is mounted in this vertical position. See Motor Catalog Number

Explanation and Dimensions – Kinetix MMA Asynchronous Main Motors on page 194 for important dependencies and more details.


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