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MPL-B880C-MJ74AA Servo Motor, Rotary | Allen Bradley

Type number: MPL-B880C-MJ74AA, Part No.: MPLB880CMJ74AA, from manufacturer: Allen Bradley, Catagory: MPL Low Inertia Drives & Motors, Servo Motor, Rotary, Low Inertia

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Product Description
Module No. MPL-B880C-MJ74AA
Product name Low Inertia, IEC, 480V AC, 1024 Sin/Cos, 1500 rpm Maximum, 110 N-M, 1/4 Turn Right Angle Rotatable DIN …
Product description MPL-B880C-MJ74AA Servo Motor, Rotary | Allen Bradley
Part number MPLB880CMJ74AA
Allen Bradley recommendation product MPL-B960D-MJ22AA MP SERIES; KINETIX; PERMANENT MAGNET ROTARY MOTOR, SERVO MOTOR | Allen Bradley
Voltage 230 VAC, 240 VAC, 480 VAC
Manufacturer Allen Bradley
Country of origin United States
Warranty 1-2 year
Shipping Method 1.Ship worldwide, usually 5-7 days.
2. We use DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT
Remark If you need a specific firmware or series relating to MPL-B880C-MJ74AA, please call or email us, we probably have it in our large inventory.
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MPL-B880C-MJ74AA Servo Motor, Rotary | Allen Bradley

Actuator Features Kinetix VPAR Electric Cylinders Kinetix MPAR Electric Cylinders Kinetix MPAI Heavy-duty Electric Cylinders


Main characteristics

State-of-the-art design features

ballscrew construction driven by Kinetix VPL servo motors

State-of-the-art design features

ballscrew construction driven by Kinetix MPL servo motors

•    State-of-the-art design features ballscrew and roller screw construction driven by Kinetix MPL servo motors

•    Front flange-mount,front trunnion-mount, and rear clevis-mount cylinders

•    Fully assembled and ready to mount cylinders contribute to reductions in mechanical design engineering, wiring, and commissioning time

•    Smart Motor Technology

•    Very high linear speeds





•   200/230Vand 400/460V operation

•    Absolute, high-resolution feedback options consistent with Kinetix VPL servo motors

•    Kinetix 2090 single-cable technology

•   200/230Vand 400/460V operation

•    Absolute, high-resolution feedback options consistent with Kinetix MP servo motors

•    Standard Kinetix MP motor power and feedback connectors

•    Rated for 100% duty cycle and designed for repeatable, reproducible performance over the actuator’s operating life

•    Absolute feedback allows operation without limit and home switches

•    No piping, valving, air, or oil supply required

ISO 15552 pneumatic-class frame sizes 32, 40, and 63 mm Frame sizes 64, 83, 110, and 144 mm
Actuator type Ball-screw driven electric cylinders Ball-screw and roller-screw electric cylinders
Environmental rating •    IP40 (complete unit) includes rod-end sealand breather port

•    IP66 applies to electronic components with the use of Rockwell Automation factory-delivered Kinetix 2090 cable connectors

IP66/IP67 (in static condition only) and with the use of Rockwell Automation factory-delivered Kinetix 2090 cable connectors
Continuous stall force 240…2000 N (54…450 lb) 706…13,122 N (159…2950 lb)
Max feed force 300…2500 N (67…562 lb) 1446…14,679 N (325…3300 lb)
Peak velocities 150…1000 mm/s (5.9…39.4 in/s) 176…610 mm/s (6.9…24.0 in/s)
Stroke lengths(1) 100…800 mm (4.0…32.0 in.) 076, 150, 300, 450 mm (3.0, 6.0, 12.0, 18.0 in.)
Feedback options Multi-turn, high-resolution absolute position
Optional equipment 24V DC holding brakes


Field-installable accessories

•    Foot mounting

•    Flange mounting

•    Trunnion mounting kit

•   Trunnion support

•    Mounting attachments (swivel flange,trunnion)

•    Piston-rod attachments (rod eye, rod clevis, rod coupler)

•   Guide rod

•    Mounting plates

•    Front flange mount

•    Rear clevis mount

•    Rod-end attachments (rod eye, rod clevis)

•   Anti-rotation option



Compatible drives(2)



•    Kinetix 5700

•    Kinetix 5500

•    ArmorKinetix DSD


Kinetix 5700

Kinetix 5500

Kinetix 5300

Kinetix 5100

Kinetix 6200/6500

Kinetix 6000

Kinetix 300/350

ArmorKinetix(Kinetix 2000) DSD(3)


Servo cable compatibility

•    2090-CSxM1xx-xxAA/AFxx (TPE) cables

•    2090-CSxM1xx-xxVA/LFxx (PVC and PUR) cables

•    2090-CSBM1P7-14AFxx cables


2(2)0(0)9(9)0(0)– C(C)S(x)B(x)M1P(M7x)7(x)-c14(a)A(b)Fxx(les) cables (3)

2090-CFBM7S7-CDAFxx cables (3)



Typical applications

•    Material handling (loading, unloading, lifts, pick and place, diverters, transfers, gantries)

•    Volumetric filling and process control (web guides, valve, nozzle, van, and gate positioning)

•    Fabrication (adjustments for machine backstops and cutting tools, works alignment)

•    Push, pull, eject, press, or clamp parts

•    Electronic assembly

•    Insertion systems

•    Inspection and test equipment

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